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I wrote the 3-day CFE two weeks ago and I have just over two months before results are released in December. Now that I no longer have to study for an exam, I decided it is the best time for me to get back to learning Python for finance. I first started my Python learning journey months ago but had to pause when I needed to shift my priority to CFE prep. I will go into details the why I decided to learn coding as an accountant and why Python out of all the coding languages out there (e.g., JavaScript) in another post. This post is meant for me to share what I did everyday that is related to Python or coding in general.

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A little about me: I work as a revenue accountant at a software company in Vancouver, BC. I started CPA PEP back in Nov 2019 and just wrote the Sep 2021 CFE. I am aiming to get my designation (CPA) in early 2022 when I have the 30 months I need for PERT (practical experience) via EVR.

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Sep 23, 2021 (Day 1)

We went out for dinner after work so we didn’t get home at around 6 PM. After I showered, I decided to start my first Python course tonight. Yesterday, I bookmarked 3 Python courses I wanted to complete in the next month or so. Out of the 3, one was text-based and two were video-based (LinkedIn Learning & Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming). I wanted to learn from following along so I ruled out the text-based one right away. I actually went through some of the Automate one earlier this year already so I decided to start fresh with the LinkedIn Learning course instead.

I was pretty tired tonight so I only managed to spend about an hour on it. I finished Chapter 1 and installed both Python and Visual Code Studio on my laptop. It took longer than expected because I encountered some issues with the installation (my first troubleshoot!!!!).

Tip: if you don’t get LinkedIn Learning from work, check with your local library. For example, Vancouver Public Library (VPL) provides free access to LinkedIn Learning (previously

Sep 24, 2021 (Day 2)

Slack day 😀

Sep 25, 2021 (Day 3)

Happy Saturday! We spent the morning getting coffee and walking around the neighborhood. I resumed the Become a Python Developer by LinkedIn Learning. I didn’t get far (maybe 45 minutes) because I was distracted. I wanted to write my first Python for Accountants post instead so I did!

Sep 26, 2021 (Day 4)

Slack day – we went out window shopping in the morning and came home after lunch. We finished Squid Game and caught up on Money Heist instead. They were both so good!

Sep 27, 2021 (Day 5)

I jumped right into the Become a Python Developer course right after work today. I spent just over an hour to finish the last bits of Chapter 2 and the entire Chapter 3. Not going to lie but I got sleepy as soon as I resumed the course. However, I had a full night’s sleep yesterday so I knew it was due to the material being dry. This was expected as the basics I learn in the beginning simply weren’t exciting. I know I have to just bear with it for now. It will all be worth it!

Sep 28, 2021 (Day 6)

Slack Day!

Sep 29, 2021 (Day 7)

It was a busy day at work as quarter end was approaching. It also rained all day so I didn’t feel like going out after work for dinner. Since we got groceries yesterday, I prepared dinner right after work. I resumed the Learning Python course of Become a Python Developer shortly before 6 PM. I It took about an hour but I finally finished the first course is the series!

I followed the instructor and wrote all the codes. However, I would be lying if I told you I knew what I was doing. I am not bothered though. It’s all very early on in the process. The next course in the series is called Python Essential Training and is much longer at 4.5 hours. Hopefully I can get it done in the next week or so.

Sep 30, 2021 (Day 8)

I am ending September slacking! Quarter end starts at work tomorrow so it is going to be busy for me. Hopefully I will start October fresh.

Oct 1, 2021 (Day 9)

Nope, I did not start October with Python. It was day 1 of quarter-end so work was really busy. It was also my very first q-end in this new role on my own (I was being trained last q-end). I didn’t even make dinner as planned – we just went out after work instead. Better productivity tomorrow!

Oct 2, 2021 (Day 10)

I woke up at 6:30 AM today because Eric had a big cash wash day. We went back to his parents because their garage is much bigger. I spent just over an hour on Python Essential Training (a course in Become A Python Developer) before switching back to jenthinks.

Oct 3, 2021 (Day 11)

Slack day for Python but I started working on something exciting for jenthinks – can’t wait to share!!!

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