Monday Hour One Weekly Recap – Week #11

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I actually went about my week without planning it first on Sunday for the first time since I started Monday Hour One 11 weeks ago. I had not realized it until Tuesday but at that point, I decided to leave it this week because my only priority was to get ready for my CPA exam on Friday.

I woke up on Friday as early as usual and started getting anxious as it got closer to exam time. I don’t normally get anxious so I think writing an exam at home simply doesn’t work well for me. The exam itself was challenging but not impossible so I was glad I studied as much as I did. I wasn’t as exhausted as I was last time I wrote my Core 1 exam but since I had the whole day off from work anyway, I just lounged around until Eric finished work.

We went out for a proper sit-down dinner that night for the first time in 3 months. The food was alright but I surely missed having a beer on the patio!

This Saturday was the first Saturday in a long time where I didn’t have any studying on my agenda so I started it very slow. I had my homemade coffee and watched Netflix in the morning when Eric was out. I worked on the blog for the rest of the day and watched some more Netflix before calling it a day.

Sunday was when we did a lot of home shopping. I also finally found the perfect console table from CB2 and will order it sometime next week after taking a look at everything else they offer.

Accomplishments by Category

💰 Personal Finance – bought quite a few items that weren’t budgeted for… will see how it went at the end of this month!
🎓 CPA – wrote my CPA Core 2 Exam at home!
jenthinks – 6 posts including this one
3DIAC – 1 post
📚 Reading – ON HOLD but will resume next week, promise!
👩‍🍳 Recipes (first-time) – Lemongrass pork chop on rice, Ham, Cheese & Egg Wrap
🏠 Home – installed the blinds for our balcony door & the floating shelf behind our sofa, changed our showerhead, found the perfect console table online!

Lemongrass Pork Chop on Rice
Ham, Cheese & Egg Wrap with Sour Cream!
Aloo Gobi – one of my favourite Indian dish
fresh peonies from the market
Watermelon Lager by Granville Island Brewing
Moen Showerhead/Rainshower Combo
we had our Christmas tree up until this week when we put up our blinds for the balcony door
New shelf behind our sofa + new blinds on balcony door!

What Would I Do Different Next Week?

Now that I have about a month before the next CPA module starts, I will focus most of my free time on my blogs. It means I have about an hour and a half before work in the morning and then more time in the evening.

As the Monday Hour One process has been working so well for me, I will definitely use it to make sure I don’t waste the next 4 weeks. I will also spend some time next week to take a look at the schedule for my next CPA module to see if I should get a head start. I am taking the 20-week extended pace again this time but I won’t be for the one after so it will probably be beneficial for me to get ahead.

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