Monday Hour One Weekly Recap – Week #19 – Partnership, Newsletter & Modsy x CB2

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I wanted to start this Monday Hour One update with good news – the meeting with the education brand went well! They have agreed to partner with me for a review that will most likely be published by the end of the year. I can’t share yet but it is a very useful product for about 50% of my readers so I am beyond excited.

My monthly newsletter email list has also gained a few subscribers this week so I can’t wait to start planning the first issue. I have a number of ideas but nothing concrete yet.

We ate out more times than planned this week so we will probably end the month way over our restaurants & take-outs budget. We got Church’s Chicken, veggie samosas and M&M’s McFlurry for dinner one weeknight and was so full after.

Church's Chicken, veggie samosas and M&M's McFlurry

On the weekend, what was supposed to be a morning walk at the mall (before the stores opened to avoid the crowd) turned into a full morning/early afternoon outing. I went out in a wrinkly skirt thinking I would not see many people but was I wrong. Luckily, we arrived at IKEA just before it opened so it wasn’t busy until we were about to leave.

jenthinks at IKEA
At Rona… Not Even Sure What We Were Looking At

We have been thinking of turning our second bedroom into a full home office for me and the den into Eric’s office. Since my decorative ability is close to zero (Eric claims to be better) so I have decided to give Modsy x CB2 a try. Modsy is an online interior designer service that I read about before but sadly they normally only offer to US customers.

A couple of weeks ago, I found out about a partnership between Modsy and CB2, one of my favourite furniture store, offers designer services for $49 and $99 USD. The best part? You can use the fees you pay for shopping at CB2! If you normally shop at CB2 already, the design service is basically free then.

The Modsy x CB2 design set up process was pretty easy and required only 8 to 20 photos, exact measurements and style quizzes. I went with the $99 USD package that comes with a dedicated style advisor. I should receive the next step in the next week or so and the first design in 2 to 3 weeks. If it turns out really well, I will use the service again and do a full review on it.

IKEA Hemnes Daybed
Current Set-Up of the Home Office

Accomplishments by Category

💰 Personal Finance – found a replacement ETF with Europe coverage for VEH as it was being de-listed
🎓 CPA – finished Week #3 Readings
jenthinks – 2 posts, got a partnership, gained 4+ subscribers to my email list
📚 Reading – 40 pages of Boss Bitch by Nicole Lapin left (highly recommended)

What Would I Do Different Next Week?

At work, we got temporary help in preparation of my coworker’s last day so hopefully we can go into month-end more than prepared. My team will be on-boarding someone 100% remotely for the first time next month and there is a lot of pressure (mostly from myself) to do it right and well. I will probably start thinking about strategy this weekend. Also, I am waiting to hear back from my manager on something that are both challenging and rewarding in the next 2 weeks so I am looking forward to that.

There are a few things that I must complete this week – my second PERT report, Week #6 assignments and posts ideas for the partnership.

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