Monday Hour One Weekly Recap – Week #7

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I finished Enough Bull the same night as my last post went live. It really got me considering the author’s position (i.e., saving for retirement without the stock market). However, I haven’t done any analysis on my own so far so I won’t be making any changes to my current investment strategy.

Our May’s net worth went up more than I expected because of all the money we saved from not having to commute and eating out as often. We still had take-out once and ate out at the food court in Richmond twice (I ❤️ the food courts there).

My niche website reached an important milestone this week which I will write about in detail in my next update post (read the introduction here). A couple of my new posts ranked on Google in the first 100 results! It is not normally something to write home about if you have an established site but for mine, it was a milestone for sure!

My CPA study has been going well and I expect to be able to continue the momentum. I also had a meeting with one of my managers at work who helped me tremendously with my PERT report. I now have all I need to re-write the report for submission this coming week.

Accomplishments by Category

💰 Personal Finance – calculated May’s net worth, cancelled my last trip of the year and got refunded instead of flight credit (WIN)
🎓 CPA – finished all of the weekly readings; only a day behind schedule
jenthinks – 4 posts including a post on Time Diary and another on Side Hustle
3DIAC – 8 posts (simple posts based on a template)
📚 Reading – 11% of Books for Living by Will Schwalbe
👩‍🍳 Recipes (first-time) – Pork and Preserved Veggie Vermicelli, Black Peppered Short Ribs

What Would I Do Different Next Week?

Between the 2 blogs, I published 12 posts this past week which was quite an accomplishment for me. Granted, the 8 posts for 3DIAC were only about 1,000 words based on a template and required minimal research. I don’t expect to output as many this week as I have a busy work week ahead. I am hoping I won’t have to work longer days but we will have to see.

I put a pause on the WordPress course for now and will most likely pick it back up after my Core 2 exam.

I started making notes when I read as I found myself forgetting really good quotes or info otherwise. This was inspired by Bill Gates who reportedly does the same. I hope this won’t slow me down too much but even if it does, I think savouring a book matters more than just getting through it.

Read all of my Monday Hour One posts here