This post will be updated continually with articles and posts I found that I think will be of interest for CPAs and CPA Candidates. These articles are selected to help you stay up-to-date with the profession and industry. This way, you are always aware of where the accounting world is headed towards.

If you are a CPA candidate, don’t miss out on the opportunity to apply textbook concepts in the real world. I have found it to be an effective way to learn a concept fully.

Tax Tips

I used to never worry about budgeting for taxes because my tuition credit & part-time income would always generate refunds. Then as my income improved and sources of income diversified, I realized tax time could mean a big expense. Luckily, my years of practice from filing my own taxes and CPA courses have prepared me for my relatively straightforward income tax. I know everyone’s situation is unique and even though I can’t comment on whether you should file on your own or hire a professional, I see no harm in equipping yourself with some personal tax knowledge so you can help yourself or a family member.

1) What to expect from your 2021 taxes and how to prepare by Erica Alini
2) Tax Tips For Seniors From The CRA by Dean LaBerge
3) Why ineligible CERB recipients may want to return the funds pronto and more taxing thoughts to end the year by Jamie Golombek
4) Working from home during COVID-19? These accountants have tax tips by Laura Glowacki


I still remember how much Off The Clock by Laura Vanderkam changed my perspective on time and productivity. It remains one of my favourite books because of how inspiring it is. With a new CPA term starting, I thought I would share 4 articles on the topic of productivity and study tips. 
1) 14 time management strategies from highly productive people by Laura Vanderkam⁣
2) Productivity is about purpose, not busyness by Lima Al-Azzeh
3) A guide to studying for finals by Anneliese Duong
4) 5 productivity-boosting tips for a suddenly remote workforce by Ethan Rotberg


I have been reading a fair bit about CFE as research for my CFE posts and to get ready for writing CFE later this year. For those of you who are getting ready to start (May CFE) or are simply interested to read about it, I have picked out a few articles that might be of interest to you.
1) Getting from Now Until the CFE
2) The CFE: How to tackle the “mental marathon”
3) CFE Study Tips: How to Survive the CFE
4) Student blogger Andrew Knapman on taking the Common Final Examination

CPA & Coding

After spending my first week learning Python (a coding language), I realized it will be a very long journey ahead. However, I decided to start now because I believe this skill will become essential for CPAs as we embrace the future of accounting. Hear what CPA and a few others have to say on this topic. 
1) Why Should CPAs Code? by CPA Canada
2) How I Advanced my Career in Finance with Python by Yingying Fu
3) Future-proof your career with data analytics skills by Jack Castonguay
4) Accounting and Programming (Do you need to learn it? by Chomwa Shikati