1 Week Before CFE – My Final Game Plan

As tiring as CFE prep is, I think I will miss improving on a skill systematically (case-writing skill) when it is over. At the time of writing this post, I am one week + one day away from writing the Sept 2021 CFE. Those of you who have been on this journey with me for months, thank you for being here. I have some ideas of what I will be doing with all my spare time after CFE and I can’t wait to share with you all. However, until then, here’s another real-time update for my CFE prep.

Note, my priority for this last week would be my physical and mental health. I understand the importance of getting enough rest and feeling as relaxed as I possibly can under the circumstances (been having way more vivid dreams which I think were caused from the stress deep-down). Therefore, I don’t plan on studying long hours or staying up late (never have a habit of doing that and definitely will not start now). My plan (sharing below) is meant to get me more organized and prepared for CFE. If I have to choose to drop some items for whatever reason, I will prioritize accordingly. I suggest you do the same so you can feel as well physically and mentally as possible for CFE!

Good luck to you all 🍀

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A Recap On Everything I Did In The Past Week-And-A-Half

  • I finished The Mentalist and started Chicago Med
    • not CFE-related but I want to keep this as part of my CFE prep memory
    • also a bad move starting Chicago Med in hindsight because it’s so emotional!
  • attempted the following Day 3 cases
    • Capstone 2: National Mail, Katwill Lodge, Play Canada, World Wide Windows
  • attempted the following Day 2 cases
    • Capstone 2: Ferguson Real Estate, TankCo
  • went back to work for a week for August’s month-end
    • managed to continue reviewing lightly in the evenings
  • started my CFE leave part 2
    • started reviewing previously-attempted cases with a focus on technical knowledge & how to get RCs and Css

How I Feel About Passing CFE Right Now

I never once thought I will fail CFE because I told myself I will try my best by following the physically and mentally challenging CFE prep process. When one of my friends asked me what happens if I failed, I told him I will be upset (naturally) but I will not let it define me. However, my CFE prep was definitely not without hopelessness. There were times I wasn’t sure if I was on the right track at that point in time. We were all told that by a certain week we would be getting Cs & RCs. Some of you reached out to me because you were worried about not getting RCs and Cs consistently still. I struggled too. I was frustrated with my day 2 case performance and I was overwhelmed. But I overcame that feeling. I continued my CFE prep by following a schedule that I thought would work best and most efficiently for me. I adjusted my plan if I wasn’t feeling up for whatever was scheduled. I remained disciplined but still remembered to be kind to myself. I stopped when I was tired. I started later if I wanted to go out in the morning. I spent time with people I wanted to see. I said no to things that can wait.

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I am confident I will pass CFE. I truly believe that and so should you. I promise I will not remove this statement even if I didn’t at the end. I will let myself be sad and disappointed for a little bit but I will learn from my mistakes.

If you are reading this later down the road, remember not to lose hope. All you can control is how much you believe in yourself.

Updated Study Plan For CFE (My Last Week!)

September 6 (7 Days Before CFE)

  • attempt Perfecto & Dogani (Capstone 2, Day 3 cases)
  • review Wild Care & Culinary Crawl (Capstone 2, Day 3 cases)

September 7 (6 Days Before CFE)

  • appointment in the morning
  • attempt Fanatix (Densmore, Day 3 case)
  • review Canadian Holistic, Katwill (Capstone 2, Day 3 cases)

September 8 (5 Days Before CFE)

  • review Kepler (Densmore, Day 2), Elyse & Taylors (Densmore, Day 3)

September 9 (4 Days Before CFE)

  • review Great North (never attempted, Densmore, Day 2)
  • attempt/review without attempting Agriculture & Forward (Densmore, Day 3)

September 10 (3 Days Before CFE)

  • review Capstone 2 flashcards for common and role (Finance)
  • review National, Play, Worldwide & Elder (Capstone 2, Day 3)

September 11 (2 Days Before CFE)

  • review Day 1 case (situational analysis format, feedback guide & Densmore’s bridging document)
  • review all my debrief notes

September 12 (The Day Before CFE)

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