My Invisalign Experience So Far – Tray 3 to 6

I shared the cost of getting Invisalign in Vancouver and my first two weeks’ experience in my previous post. I thought I would give another update now that another 4 weeks have passed (which meant 4 trays for us as we are on weekly change). Overall, my experience with Invisalign is still mostly positive so far. I did go through several things in the past month that I want to share with you.

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You Can Be Allergic To The Invisalign Trays

Not long after I put on my 3rd tray, my throat started feeling like something was stuck. It started off bearable but it kept getting worse (not painful, but just discomfort). It was affecting me so much that I wasn’t able to fall asleep one night. Naturally, I Googled. I heard of people getting allergic reactions from the materials they used to make Invisalign trays. My internet research told me that hypoallergenic trays are available for that reason. However, I thought it was odd for me to not have any reaction to the first couple of trays if I was indeed allergic to the material. I dug deeper until I found someone suggesting cleaning the brand new trays really well before putting them on. My welcome package included samples of the Invisalign cleaning crystals so I decided to give that a try.

Note, the feelings did not go away immediately. My throat felt the same sensation when I put on the 4th tray (after cleaning the brand-new trays). However, it definitely wasn’t as bad as before. I did the same for my 5th and 6th trays and the feelings never returned. It might have something to do with the chemical residual on the trays as I wasn’t cleaning the new trays thoroughly before.

I am running out of the crystals and plan on getting some hydrogen peroxide to make a diluted cleaning solution instead. (Oct 3, 2021: further research suggested that I shouldn’t use hydrogen peroxide at all on my Invisalign trays)

Quality Flossers Matter

I used to buy the cheapest flossers and call it a day. Granted, I was not flossing as often as I should have pre-Invisalign (once a day max) so it did not make a big difference. Now that I floss on average 3 to 4 times a day, I pay attention to the quality of the flosser a bit more.

Eric picked up a bag of these “fancy flossers” and we decided we will never go back to the store-brand ones. They were sturdy and came with mint flavors. I really love the floss part but I don’t really use the picky end so I can’t comment on that. I call them fancy as the ones we used were cheaper but they are actually only $5.47 for 150!

If You Wrap Your Invisalign Trays In Napkins, You Are At Risk Of Losing Them

I heard of stories like this long before I started my Invisalign journey. Horror stories like going back to the restaurant to ask for your “garbage” because you left the table thinking that napkin bundle was indeed garbage. In the past month or so, Eric and I both came to losing our Invisalign-wrapped-in-napkins once or twice already. We have been so bad about bringing our Invisalign-carrier so we have been relying on napkins when we ate out.

Luckily, we have been keeping our most recent tray at home as back up. If/when we do lose our current tray, we can always put the old trays back on until it is time to switch to a new tray. This works (not that it’s ideal) because we are on weekly change schedule. This means we will most likely not be missing too many days. However, if you lose your tray with many days left, I suggest reaching out to your dentist right away.

Smile Wide – The Trays & Attachments Don’t Show In Pictures!

Invisalign – Tray 6

In fact, I find my closed-mouth smile really awkward with my Invisalign trays on. This is because the trays make me look like I had a mouth full of food with my mouth closed. Unless you are taking a close-up selfie, the Invisalign trays are basically invisible! Personally, I was never self-conscious about my smile until I decided to get Invisalign (that was when I started noticing the flaws). However, I haven’t been able to smile naturally with my trays on. Therefore, smile wide it is!

There Is An Active Community On Reddit r/Invisalign

Just like with CPA, there is a large community on Reddit for Invisalign. The subreddit (r/Invisalign) is full of Invisalign-wearers sharing their journeys, progress pictures and ups-and-downs. If you think it, someone probably has answered or experienced it. Personally, I have not read through many posts on the subreddit because I am wary of hearing about unsuccessful stories. I have a lot of faith in the process, my dentist and his team. I decided I will follow the rules (e.g., wear 22 out of 24 hours every day) as closely as I can and wait for results. As wonderful as the subreddit is for moral support, there are a lot of information and opinions on the subreddit. I want to caution against relying on them as your single source of information. When in doubt, reach out to your dentist or orthodontist or another professional (e.g., a second dentist) for a second opinion.

You Can Ask Your Dentist For Access To Your ClinCheck – 3D Model Of Your Invisalign Treatment Plan

I found out about ClinCheck when I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my throat. My dentist did not mention it but many said you just need to ask for access. I emailed my dentist office the next day and got an email from Invisalign several days later. I already created an account on My Invisalign when I first started the treatment so it was only a matter of clicking the link in the email. I now have access to the 3D model online and on the My Invisalign app. It shows you exactly how your teeth are supposed to move over the course of your treatment. You can see where and when your teeth should move and how quickly would they finish moving. I was addicted to it for a bit as it allowed me to see what the end game is. Some users said they used the tool to predict which tray will hurt more (based on movements) but I mostly used it for fun.

Invisalign Has Not Been Painful For Me But I Do Get A Slight Headache When I Put On A New Tray

One of the major reasons why I decided not to do the traditional metal braces (similar cost but much less work for me) was the pain. My earliest memory of a childhood friend with metal braces was her telling me she woke up to a mouth’s full of blood. The metal cut the inside of her cheek while she was sleeping.

I mentioned in my previous post that my case was borderline eligible for Invisalign. My dentist warned me that in order for Invisalign to work for me, I will have to follow the rules very closely. I have not regretted my decision one bit so far. Aside from the weird throat sensation that has since been resolved (I hope), the only “pains” I have felt were sore teeth and a very slight headache on the night of a new set of trays. The sore teeth have not stopped me from enjoying food and the mild headache would go away the next morning.