Monday Hour One Weekly Recap – Week #5

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I almost didn’t finish my second post for 3DIAC this week cause I went out to play Pokemon Go twice during the week (safely at our neighbourhood deserted mall due to COVID store closures). Both evenings were unscheduled but I had a lot of fun. I also levelled up to Level 34 so I guess I can consider that as an accomplishment? 🤓

We also got take-out twice this week because I had a busy weekend with the CPA workshop and it was also my birthday week! Other than that, I cooked for around the same amount but only tried 1 new recipe which turned out to be a repeat already (quality > quantity).

I was also too aggressive with the scheduling for the weekend and ended up not doing much on Saturday after the first day of my 7-hour workshop ended at 3 PM. I blame the can of beer I had as alcohol makes me tired (more so now than a couple of years ago – part of ageing I guess).

I also reached out to an important contact this week which could potentially turn into something great for both jenthinks and my professional development. It is too early to share at this point but I really hope to hear back next week and be able to talk about it more here!

Accomplishments by Category

💰 Personal Finance – bought ETFs daily, paid a small bill 2 days late (oops)
🎓 CPA – finished Week #7 MC, Week #8 Reading & a 2-day module workshop
jenthinks – published 2 posts (this and a CPA update post)
3DIAC – published 2 posts
📚 Reading – finished The Go-giver Leader & started Enough Bull: How to Retire Well Without the Stock Market, Mutual Funds or Even an Investment Advisor by David Trahair
👩‍🍳 Recipes (first-time) – Proscuitto & Mushroom Alfredo (made it twice this week cause it’s THAT good)
🏠 Home – our Basi Bed from Article arrived and assembled – no more mattress on the floor

Basi Bed Walnut by Article
mattress from @sleepDouglas which I love 100%

What Would I Do Different Next Week?

For next week, I will make sure I schedule in an evening or two for Pokemon Go (or another entertainment) as that will most likely happen. Monday Hour One (or other time management technique) is truly an ever-evolving process because I am still learning something new about myself after 5 weeks of repeating the planning process. I find this to be a great parallel to budgeting where you really have to be truthful to yourself for the process to work effectively (e.g., say you won’t spend a dime on take-out when you do it twice a week). I think it’s fair to say that it is important to not be too hard on myself by scheduling all work and no fun.

Read all of my Monday Hour One posts here