CPA PEP Core 2 – List of YouTube Videos That I Found Helpful

A reader asked me if the chapter readings on Knotia were sufficient for CPA PEP Core 2 and whether I used any external resource. My response was that the chapters were adequate, however, I did watch some Youtube videos when I was struggling to understand the concepts from reading.

I am sure many of us used YouTube in college as there are some really high-quality materials out there. To make it easier, I have organized a list of videos I watched by topics when I was going through Core 2 to help with studying.

I would normally do a quick read of the chapters while making a condensed version of the reading (sub-headers, bullet points) and a note of concepts I struggle with. Then, I will find videos to watch to help me with the concepts. They are normally less than 10 minutes long and help tremendously when I read the chapters or my notes again.

Note, these resources are not meant to replace the reading because of the following reasons:

– might not be Canadian-based
– might not be up-to-date
– even though many of them are high quality, it is still important to make your own judgement if there is a discrepancy
– these videos as a supplemental resource will help you learn and process the concepts easier

YouTube Videos that I Found Helpful for CPA PEP Core 2

Capital Markets

Efficient Market Hypothesis in 2 Easy Steps: What is Efficient Market Hypothesis Lecture EMH

Cost of Capital (Highly Recommended)

What is WACC – Weighted Average Cost of Capital
3 Minutes! Weighted Average Cost of Capital or WACC Explained (Quickest Overview)

Performance Measurement

Balanced Scorecard

Product Costing

Cost Per Equivalent Unit, FIFO Method, Part 1
Cost Per Equivalent Unit (weighted average method)

Project Financing

What is project finance?
Project Finance vs. Corporate Finance

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Time Value of Money

Time value of money | Interest and debt | Finance & Capital Markets | Khan Academy
What is Time Value of Money – Time Value of Money Formula

Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing

Variance Analysis

Standard Costs and Variance Analysis


I hope this list of YouTube videos will be helpful to you for CPA Core 2. They either helped me with difficult concepts I struggled with understanding from just the reading or served as a quick refresher for concepts I learned before.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and share videos you found helpful. I am also always looking for post ideas that could be useful to CPA candidates so feel free to let me know 🙂