My CPA Journey – PERT – 7 Months Recognized via Experience Verification Route (EVR)

Today was a great day for me – I found out I passed Core 2 (note: the Core 2 results have since been removed from the website so I suspect it was a glitch causing the results to be released one week early) and I received the assessment back for my PERT report.

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Last night, I was about done scrolling on my phone before bed when I got the email from CPABC letting me know the assessment was completed. Sadly, My CPA portal was down so I wasn’t able to access the PERT portal. The email did not specify how the assessment went (e.g., any duration recognized) so I had a bad night’s of sleep wondering about it. I “found out” I got Level 0 again in my half-awake, half-dream state and was so defeated. Thankfully, it was just a dream!

If you have read my last post about me getting Level 0s (meaning no duration recognized), you would know that I put a lot of effort into the resubmission. I was lucky to have my CPA mentor (a good CPA mentor is everything) and my manager helped me with the submission by reminding me what I do day-to-day and also to critique my responses (e.g., add more info when required). My rational mind was telling me I couldn’t have failed again but my irrational mind was also telling me that I must have missed something.

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When I was finally able to login to the PERT portal, the first thing I saw was that 7.69 months were recognized. When I took a closer look at the feedback, I found out that I got:

– 2 out of 3 submitted Level 1s under technical competencies, and
– 2 out of 2 submitted Level 1s under enabling competencies

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This was really good news for me. Not only will this get me closer to certification, but it also makes me feel more equipped to share some tips I have gathered from submitting the 2 reports and talking to other candidates at various stages.

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Many CPA candidates I know who work in the industry (not on pre-approved route) struggle with their PERT requirements. A surprising portion of them wrote the CFE before they even submitted their first PERT report. After going through this myself, I see the pain points. The writing itself is not easy but getting the appropriate experience also requires a lot of planning. I will write a post on this topic (Jul 18: the Ultimate CPA PERT Guide is here) this weekend but until then, I am off to celebrate the 2 wins today with some Netflix 🙂