Review of Freshslice Pizza, Coquitlam & Main/Broadway

Freshslice has never been my go-to when I craved pizzas as it has always been associated with “don’t have time before class so Freshslice it is” in my mind. I much preferred Dominos and Panago but at the end of the day, pizza is not my favourite type of food anyways. If it’s really, really good, I eat 3 slices. Otherwise, I almost always stop after 2.

On the other hand, Eric can finish a medium to large pizza from Pizza Hut all by himself with no problem. This time, he finished 2 mediums from Freshslice with minimal help from his mom who only had 2 slices.

This makes me question whether all of Freshslice’s sizes are “30% larger than competitors” such as Pizza Hut or just certain ones.

Too bad I can’t verify the information by Googling and when Google doesn’t know, the average joe aka me is too lazy to dig deeper. If someone has any insider information, please comment 👇 or send me an email.

@Google, no I did not mean fresh slice. I meant Freshslice.

Background and research aside, here’s my recent experiences with the 🍁 pizza joint.

Couple weeks ago, I went to the Freshslice on Broadway & Main with my colleague who 😍 Freshslice and picked up a slice of the classic cheese despite having brought lunch because the pizzas on display looked so damn delicious. Lucky me, it tasted as good as it looked. As a result, I have been craving it since so we decided to pick up 2 mediums: Meat Lover (ham, bacon, beef, pepperoni, sausage) & Italian (pepperoni, ham & bacon) & 1 slice of the cheese (uhm…. cheeses?) for dinner on the weekend at the Coquitlam location.

To my disappointment, this cheese from this location was just average. I don’t like crusts so the less crust the merrier for me but this one had less than ideal crust-to-pizza ratio. The slice seemed smaller than the one I had at the Broadway and Main location too.

I only had this slice and none of the medium pizzas because I decided to eat something else instead (homemade congee FTW). Eric ate the majority of the pizzas so I asked him what he thought.

What did 👦 think
J: So, did you like the pizzas?
E: Uhm. Not enough toppings. I think it’s too thin even for me. Oh, and not enough cheese. That’s why the toppings weren’t sticking to the pizza itself. So yea, (to recap & emphasize) not enough cheese, meat wasn’t sticking to pizza itself. Yea. That’s pretty much it, man.

This time, we also had E’s mom as the special judge!

What did 👵 think
A: Why didn’t you guy order from the last one this time? It was better.

Sorry Freshslice, you didn’t get the vote from any of us this time 😞

However, if you are craving some Freshslice so you can decide for yourself, both locations I mentioned are listed on SkipTheDishes for free delivery when you order over $20 CAD.

Did you know? SPC cardholders have these 2 offers available at any Freshslice location until Jul 31, 2019.

  • free fountain drink or a juice box with the purchase of 2 XL slices
  • 50% of the second pizza from the regular price

For more information, download the SPC App from your app store or visit

  1. 4.12.19
    Cindy said:

    I hadn’t heard of Freshslice (despite living for years in Vancouver before + pizza being one of my favorite foods) before I read your review so no wonder…you couldn’t find any information in google?!

    After reading…I guess I’m willing to at least give it a try…just in case I may prefer it? Who knows…

    • 4.12.19
      admin said:

      I know I mentioned Freshslice not being my go-to pizza place for $2.15 per slice, it is a quick and cheap option for anyone especially students!

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