My Niche Website Project – Update #3

The TimeLine

Number of Days Since Launch: 56 Days

Apr 9, 2020read about Niche Pursuit Project #4
Apr 28, 2020bought the domain
Apr 29, 2020launched the website
May 3, 2020published the introduction post
May 11, 2020got approved by Google Adsense
May 28, 2020got a ranking post for the first time, at 99
Jun 9, 2020had my first Pinterest visitor
Jun 17, 2020the beginning of a 5-day visitor streak (1 or 2/day)

Update by Category

💵 Google AdSense (Ad Revenue) – $0
📈 Google Analytics (Traffic) – got my first Pinterest visitor & a 5-day streak with at least 1 visitor
🏅 Keyword Ranking (The Hoth) – ranking between 42 to 95 for 7 of my target keywords
🌐 Website Design – installed a new free template
✍️ Posts – published 21 posts since last update (29 in total)
📌 Pinterest – published 23 pins (25 in total)
🤝 Affiliate Programs – applied to 2 programs and got approved, started including links from 1

Google Adsense

As mentioned above, I have not made any ad revenue yet. My experience with jenthinks tells me I won’t be making anything significant anytime soon.

However, I plan on doing this for the long haul and since this is my first attempt at a niche website, I expect it to take longer than average.

Keyword Ranking

I don’t pay for any keyword research tool or SEO ranking check service yet so I have decided to use the free SEO ranking check function on The Hoth for now for consistency.

As mentioned, 3DIAC ranked between 42 to 95 for 7 of my target keywords. This likely won’t bring me any organic traffic but I have noticed that this free SEO ranking report on The Hoth is a little delayed. This means my site could be ranking better than what the report suggests now (but the opposite could also be true).

I don’t anticipate spending money on any paid SEO ranking or keyword research tool this year but depending on how jenthinks grows, I might think about it next year.

Website Design

Thanks to spending a Saturday looking for a template for jenthinks, I have also applied the same free template to 3DIAC.

It is not 100% what I wanted 3DIAC to look like but I think it’s pretty satisfactory for now. My vision for 3DIAC is for it to look more informative and less pretty but that will probably be a project for later this year.


Since my last update, I came up (with the help of Eric) with an idea of a series of complementary posts for a single pillar post. There are 12 pillar posts so far and the site has a total of 31 posts since launching the website on Apr 29, 2020.

I have slowed down on posting considerably in the last couple of weeks as I focused more of my attention on CPA and jenthinks. After my exam, I will be spending an equal amount of time on both sites.


Getting my first visitor from Pinterest was very exciting! My Pins started getting impressions and were even saved a few times. Since the website doesn’t rank well on Google yet, Pinterest’s traffic is very critical right now.

I have some catching up to do on Pins but since I normally do them in batches, I should be able to catch up on a weekend.

Affiliate Programs

I found another commission program (not Commission Junction) which I applied to and was approved the next day. I started including affiliate links in the posts and even though I have not had any successful referral, I think I will once traffic picks up.

I would be really happy if I can get my first successful referral in 2020 but I am not sure about it yet.


Even though 3DIAC is barely getting any traffic right now, it got its first organic and social referrals a lot earlier than jenthinks did. I believe it has a lot to do with both the volume of posting (29 posts in less than 2 months) and the effort I put into keyword research.

For jenthinks, I mostly posted whatever I wanted to in the beginning. I also barely posted in the first year so the first half of my posts (~30 posts) were posted within the first year when the other half were posted within the last 3 months. Now, I also make sure I do some keyword research before I write a post on both sites.

My plan for the next month would be to catch up on some posts and Pins.

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