My CPA Journey – Two Days Before My Core 2 Exam

I didn’t plan on writing another update before the exam but here I am.

If you have been following my posts, you would know that I started studying every morning about 6 weeks ago. I might have missed 3 days top and studied once or twice in the evening. The 6 weeks are equal to just under 30 hours of studying (an average of 45 mins/day x 39 days). The time includes working through week 7 & 8 readings and assignments.

This update is for me to share how I am feeling 48 hours before my Core 2 exam.

With 30 Hours of Studying, You Must Feel Super Prepared!

No, I do not feel super prepared at this moment. However, if you had asked me on Monday, I felt beyond prepared.

This week, I continued studying for about 45 minutes in the morning and updated my study plan as I went. I reviewed notes I have reviewed before and made a condensed version of the condensed version for more review later. I went over the cases, created a guide of some sort as planned and reviewed the guide.

Yet, I right now feel there is still much to learn and review. I believe this feeling stems from years of experience with studying shortly before the exam (granted, I was never a true procrastinator so I would normally start a weekend or two before the exam) and not weeks before.

Do I Wish I Have Studied More?

No, I do not wish I have studied more in the past 6 weeks. However, I do wish I have started studying daily when I started the module 5 months ago in early Feb.

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Compared to Core 1 where I took the regular-paced module (8 weeks), I felt a lot more knowledgeable about the topics this time taking the extended-paced module (20 weeks). Since I was rarely in a rush to learn the materials, I took my time to absorb them properly. However, if you have read my post about the beginning of Core 2, you would know that I did not start studying daily right away.

What Will I Do Tomorrow (aka The Day Before the Exam)?

The rational side of me (+ Eric) is telling me that I have studied quite enough. The irrational side of me is telling me to study more and maybe even in the evening and the day before the exam (one of my wishes is to be able to just relax the day before).

To satisfy the irrational side of me, I have decided to study for about another 45 minutes tonight and 45 minutes tomorrow morning (the day before). Depending on how I feel, I might spend another hour or so the night before. I know if I didn’t, I probably won’t sleep as well!

What Will I Do Right After the Exam (My Favourite Question)?

I entertained a number of ideas for the weekend after my exam (also mentioned in my Monday Hour One recap). I thought about going to the island for a 2-night stay, a staycation at one of the newest hotels in Vancouver and deep-cleaning our car (disclaimer: I do more “watching Eric” wash than actual washing).

However, nothing is confirmed yet. I am reconsidering a staycation in Vancouver but I might also end up doing nothing at home instead!

To all of the exam writers, GOOD LUCK 🍀