The Transition Period Between Jobs – What I Actually Achieved

If you read my last post, you will know that I set some goals for myself to achieve during the transition period between jobs. Well, I am happy to report that I achieved more than half of them. The reason why I didn’t achieve all of them was because I took more rest days than I planned. However, I knew I would have wasted even more time watching Netflix if I didn’t share my plan with you all. I felt I had to be accountable once I shared my goals.

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What Did I Achieve & What Did I Miss?


I set out to finish both Assignment Set #4, Assignment Set #5 and the Module Workshop. I was only able to finish Assignment Set #4 and the 2-day Module Workshop at the end.

The module workshop required more effort and time than I expected but it went smoothly after I paused and created a plan for it. This workshop was different than what I have done before (in-person and live online) hence it took a bit more getting used to. I tweeted saying this self-paced format required more self-discipline and time management skills than ever.

Not finishing Assignment Set #5 meant I will not be able take a complete break from studying until Q-end at work is over. However, I am writing this after my second day at my new job and it seems q-end will be challenging but not impossible. That means I should be able to either work on my assignment in the evening (not ideal) or on the weekend.


I didn’t quite clean out the den fully as I planned to but I did clean my purses. I did this on the last day of my break and it was largely due to the fact that it was on my to-do post. Did I not tell you sharing my goals works?

The other goal I had was to clean/purge my makeup products. That was a success and I detailed my process in this post. As a bonus, I also found an easy way to finally clean my tarnished silver necklaces & bracelet! It literally took 30 seconds.

how to clean sterling silver jewellery
Click the picture to find out the before!
Fall Cleaning Makeup Before
Fall Cleaning Makeup After


I ended up publishing 6 posts including the planning post. I also reviewed a couple more books in a draft post that will be published once I finished The Smart Cookies’ Guide to Couples and Money. My October newsletter is also ready to go on October 1st as well (if you haven’t already, you can sign up for my monthly newsletter here).

I am quite behind on Pins but never got to publishing any new pins on my break. That will have to be on my to-do list for this weekend.

Learning & Development

As I have mentioned in my Monday Hour One recap, I finished the Learning Microsoft Dynamics GP on LinkedIn Learning (previously known as as intended. I think it really helped with the first couple of days of my new job so I am really glad I did it. It only took around 2 hours after skipping the unrelated sections.


I finished both Closed Casket and Gems from Warren Buffett on my break. The Warren Buffett one took only a couple of days as I predicted as it’s a short book filled with quotes that are only few sentences long.

Fraser Valley Regional Library Grab & Go

However, I took a couple of days off from reading after Closed Casket hence I didn’t start The Smart Cookies’ Guide to Couples and Money until after my break. I am only 10 pages in and am really liking it already. The ratings on Goodreads isn’t that great but since there are less than 20, I don’t consider them a fair representation anyway. Also, I love personal finance books!

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Ending Remarks

I am glad I actually sat down and wrote about my goals at the beginning of my break. Even though I didn’t achieve everything I intended to, I still managed to achieve most of them. I mentioned how much I needed some rest before starting a new job so I am also glad I took it easy on some days.

Now, I am all refreshed and ready to rock my new job 😃