CPA PEP – What Is The Extended Module And How Does It Work Exactly?

If you have been following my journey for a while, you probably know that I chose the extended pace for both Core 2 and Finance. I have also written a comparison post in the past talking about who the two paces are perfect for. The other day, a reader reached out to me asking some questions about the format of an extended module so I decided a post will be helpful.

As the registration deadline is approaching for the 2021 Winter term (the session begins on Jan 30, 2021), time is running out for you to decide which pace to take next.

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Are The Module Materials Different Between The Regular And Extended?

No, the module materials are exactly the same between the regular and the extended modules. The only difference is how the assignments are named.

For a regular module, the course is broken down by the week’s number. The 8 sets of assigned readings, MC, PC and IP are named Week #1 to #8. For an extended module, the assignment sets are referred to as Assignment Set #1 to #8.

Both formats have a module workshop weekend (except for Core 1 where there is an additional orientation module workshop weekend) and the materials are also the same.

How Long Is The Extended Pace?

The extended modules are 20 weeks compared to the 8-week regular module. So, the time it takes a candidate to finish one extended module, another candidate taking the regular pace could have done 2 modules in the same time frame. Note, regular and extended module candidates write their exams together (i.e., the second module exam for the regular candidate will be on the same day as the first module exam for the extended candidate).

When Are Assignments Due For The Extended Pace?

In case you didn’t already know, MC, PC and IP are all due on Fridays for a regular module. For extended, the MC from the first assignment set is due on the second Tuesday and the PC and IP are due on the Friday of the same week. Then, the next set of assignments is due 3 weeks later. However, you will then have only 2 weeks to complete the 3rd set of assignments.

To make it simple for you, below is the schedule (as per Summer 2020 session):

Week NumberAssignment Due
2Assignment Set #1 MC Due (Tuesday)
Assignment Set #1 PC & IP Due (Friday)
5Assignment Set #2 MC Due (Tuesday)
Assignment Set #2 PC & IP Due (Friday)
7Assignment Set #3 MC Due (Tuesday)
Assignment Set #3 PC & IP Due (Friday)
10Assignment Set #4 MC Due (Tuesday)
Assignment Set #4 PC & IP Due (Friday)
12Assignment Set #5 MC Due (Tuesday)
Assignment Set #5 PC & IP Due (Friday)
15Assignment Set #6 MC Due (Tuesday)
Assignment Set #6 PC & IP Due (Friday)
17Assignment Set #7 MC Due (Tuesday)
Assignment Set #7 PC & IP Due (Friday)
20Assignment Set #8 MC Due (Tuesday)
Assignment Set #8 PC & IP Due (Friday)
CPA Extended Module

This took a little bit of getting used to for me so I would suggest using either an online calendar or a paper calendar to keep track of deadlines.

Also, even though you are allowed to submit your assignments way before the deadlines, your facilitator most likely will not be returning the assignments to you early. From my experience with two different facilitators, you might get your assignments graded a day or two before the deadline for the facilitator (i.e., 96 hours after submission deadline or 48 hours after the last set of assignment) but never much earlier.

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The Extended Module Sounds Awesome (It Could Be). So, What’s The Catch?

I love the extended module for reasons I have mentioned in my comparison post here. However, it is clear that it is not the best solution for everyone. Also, you can always go back and forth with regular and extended like I am doing in order to work with your schedule.

For me, since I plan on writing the CFE next September, I will have to finish my last elective in March. I work as a Corporate Accountant in the industry so I report CPA PERT via EVR. If all goes as planned (i.e., getting the duration and all of the level 1s & 2s I need), I will apply for certification in early 2022. Therefore, I can’t take another extension without postponing my certification until after writing the May 2022 CFE.

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