My CPA Journey – My Finance Exam Study Plan + Densmore Finance Elective Essentials

When I started the extended Finance module back in late July, I created a schedule that will have me finished with all assignments in mid-Sept (3 months before the exam). I was able to stick to my schedule until work got busy. I started to “fall behind” and also took a small break when I started my new job in late Sept.

With less than 2 months left before the exam on Dec 15, I decided to take a look at where I am at and what my plan will be for the next 7 weeks. I don’t always follow my plan 100% but I do prefer having some sort of plans. I find the process very calming and the actual plan useful for keeping myself accountable (especially important for a program like CPA PEP). With a plan in place, I am able to adapt if works gets really busy unexpectedly or if I need time off from studying due to personal reasons. Also, there are ALWAYS days where I just don’t feel like studying. Knowing where I stand will give me the comfort if I choose to rest for a day or two without having to stress.

So, What Is My Plan For The Next Two Weeks?

For the next two weeks, I will finish the following:

  • Assignment Set #6 PC & IP
  • Assignment Set #7 Reading, MC, PC & IP
  • Assignment Set #8 Reading, MC, PC & IP

Once those are done, I will spend the next two-and-a-half weeks attempting all of the PCs & IPs again. I plan on attempting and debriefing one PC or IP per day.

How Will I Incorporate The Densmore Finance Elective Essentials Course In My Study?

On the weekends, in addition to one PC or IP, I will also look at the Densmore material. I partnered up with Densmore Consulting Services to try out their Finance Elective Essentials course as I hadn’t been able to find many reviews for their non-CFE courses out there. I believe most CPA candidates have heard good things about their CFE Prep courses before so I am excited to find out if their elective courses are just as useful. Note, Densmore and I have agreed that all opinions will be of my own and it will be my duty to report honestly. Their elective courses cost $129 for just the cases and solutions and $329 for the full package that include cases, solutions, MC, tutorials and more. Since most industry jobs don’t offer reimbursement for Densmore (or other supplementary materials), my hope is to find out whether the materiel is worth the investment and scenarios they will be best suitable for.

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If all goes according to plan, I will be finished with the module and a complete re-attempt with the cases by the end of November. Throughout my studying, I will be making notes on areas that I find particularly challenging so I will allocate the remaining two weeks accordingly.

What Other Objectives Do I Have For The Next 7 Weeks?

In addition to attempting all the cases, I will also make sure I create a comprehensive guide when I debrief (I have already been making notes as I debrief) by incorporating valuable feedback from my facilitator. This is because I only have one elective module left before the two Capstones, I want to start getting prepared for CFE. A well laid-out guide for this module will definitely help with studying next year.

For the chapter readings, since I condensed and shortened the chapter readings as I read them the first time, I normally read through them again to prepare for a PEP exam. Since the exam format will once again be two cases with no MC, I decided to leave the reading last so I can have plenty of time for the cases.

Now that I have shared my plan with all of you, I feel motivated to stick to it already. To the next 7 weeks of studying until Christmas 🍀🎄