Why I love my Jiffy Steamer J-2000

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We just moved into our new home last weekend so it was moving time again!

It got me thinking about our very first move from the 1 bedroom condo in Kits to a much bigger but also much older 1 bedroom in Marpole. I remember the 32-inch LCD TV I had when Eric moved in with me. We sold it after we upgraded to a 50-inch Plasma. Fast forward 8 years, we recently got a 65-inch OLED. The 50-inch still works but as per Eric, “plasma is very last century.” 🤷

This got me thinking about what we have kept since our very first move because it either hasn’t broken down or become outdated. It did not take long for me to realize it was our Jiffy Steamer.

When Eric got his first office job, he had to start wearing dress shirts and pants. We did not own an iron nor did I know how to iron but I was at The Bay (Hudson’s Bay now) and saw them selling garment steamers. That seemed like the perfect solution as it took up less space and time than an iron and ironing board.

I did my research as soon as I got home and read through pages of Amazon reviews before deciding on the Jiffy Steamer because it had lots of 5-star reviews. People were generally raving about its durability and reliability and that it was priced really well. The fact that it was Made in America stood out to me too as the other brands I saw at The Bay were not.

Jiffy Steamer J-2000

I ended paying around $150 CAD for the J-2000. It is going strong after 8 years & more than a handful of moves. That means my Jiffy costs me less than $20 per year, so far. It will cost less and less the longer I keep it too.

The Jiffy Steamer J-2000 is built very well. The wheels on it come in very handy for moving it around. Eric and I use it about 3-4 times a week and refill the water every 6 weeks or so. There are very few items that my Jiffy can’t smooth out and my chosen course of action for those items is to avoid wearing them… The only exception would be Eric’s suits as they get dry-cleaned between uses but I still use my Jiffy to smooth out any wrinkles before he wears them.

The only downside of having a Jiffy Steamer is wishing you can bring it with you wherever you go. The wheels are perfect for moving it from room to room but it just won’t fit into my luggage.

Whenever we travel, I had been pre-steaming the outfits we are bringing even though they always end up wrinkly again after being in the luggage. Imagine my excitement when I found out about the ESTEAM® (a handheld travel steamer) made by no one other than Jiffy Steamer!

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I will be bringing the ESTEAM® with me on our cruise this month so stay tuned to hear what I think about it.

Thank you Jiffy Steamer for partnering on this post! However, all opinions are my own.