Monday Hour One Weekly Recap – Week #17 – Popeyes, MeetFresh & Breakfast for Dinner

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I joke about how accomplished I am when it comes to Netflix all the time. Deep down, I know it is not a joke to me because I actually am REALLY good at Netflix. Season 3 of both Selling Sunset and High Seas came out on Friday and I was caught up by Saturday noon. I still went to bed on time on Friday which was the true accomplishment here. #dreambig

We had a really good food week (especially me) because we went to Popeyes for dinner one night. As always, we acted like we were ordering for a family of four so we ended up having leftover for the next day. Some may think leftover fast food is gross but it tasted wonderful.

Eric surprised me with desserts from MeetFresh when he came home after running an errand the other night. Their Signature Icy Grass Jelly (pictured) is one of my favourite desserts of all time. The taro balls are so chewy and delicious. Just writing about it makes my mouth watery.

I planned on making knock-off A&W breakfast for Sunday morning but we had left over Thai food instead. We ended up having breakfast food for dinner.

On the non-food front, I made really good progress with my CPA study. I mentioned how much I enjoy taking the extended pace for CPA modules many times before in my CPA posts but I just need to say it again. When you stick to a schedule properly, there is basically no stress at all. It makes learning the materials so much easier.

At work, this week went by so quickly as it was a short week coincided with month-end. My coworker/friend, who is also my Spirit Animal at work (termed by Nicole Lapin), is officially on her 1.5-month leave so double trouble will temporarily be single trouble!

Accomplishments by Category

💰 Personal Finance – got a condo insurance quote for ~$300 less than my previous provider and it only took a few emails!
🎓 CPA – finished Week 1 PC, Week 2 Readings, MC & IP
jenthinks – 4 posts including this one, posted a number of times on my Instagram, learned to back up my blog (it’s about time I do that)
3DIAC – 0 post
📚 Reading – 88% done with Boss Bitch by Nicole Lapin (highly recommended)
📺 Netflix – Season 3 of Selling Sunset / Season 3 of High Seas!

What Would I Do Different Next Week?

This week will be a 4-day work week for me so I need to bring my A++ game to work. There are a number of important projects happening so it is critical for me to keep my team and myself on track.

I don’t have any rest day scheduled for CPA but it will be mostly reading in the morning.

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