Monday Hour One Weekly Recap – Week #23 – Last Day of Work & Southlands Tsawwassen

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It was my last day at my old job this week so I went into the office for one last time to return my laptop (to be precise, I went into the lobby). It was less emotional than I would have been since I barely got to see anyone but it still felt weird. I mostly missed the days I would walk in and see my team’s faces – those were some happy days.

“Which size are you getting,” I ask. “The largest one of course,” says my friend.

I then allowed myself to have a rest day before I worked on a productive schedule for the next week or so before my new job starts. Unfortunately, the schedule was about the only real thing I got done that day. My rest day sort of turned into rest day(s).

Eric and I finally tried the hyped New Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes this week. The way I would describe it is that it is something worth driving for but not taking the transit for. In other words, the new chicken sandwich (never actually tried the “old” version if there was one) was delicious but it did not blow our minds (like the Creme Brulee milkshake from Gordon Ramsay Burger in Vegas did with Eric).

new chicken sandwich popeyes canada
New Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes Canada

On the weekend, we were craving congees but our usual congee spots in Richmond weren’t open yet so I did some Googling. To my surprise, I found a food court that I have never heard of or been to before (seemed like my Richmond friends all did though, based on their responses to my Instagram story). The food was cheap at the stall we tried but the portion was quite small and some of them items were cold. This was disappointing as the stall was quite busy so I was expecting really hot food.

Joyful Congee & Noodle Cafe, Richmond
Joyful Congee & Noodle Cafe, Richmond

We also got to check out the highly-anticipated Southlands Community Development in Tsawwassen. Unfortunately, the sales centre was really busy by the time we arrived. We decided to come back for a private appointment at a later time to check out the two furnished open houses instead. Eric and I were both very impressed with how the area is turning out. I got the pricing details from the sales manager later that day and the cheapest 3-bedroom townhouses are starting at ~$800k for 1,500 sq ft. The prices were as expected as I knew they were going to be priced high (compared to similar developments in the area) based on what I have heard from others, its mission and its location.

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I also woke up one morning to Eric telling me about this RGB mousepad he had to pick up today. Him with his light-up gadgets is basically me with my shoes – we will never truly understand each other’s obsession 😂.

ENHANCE PowerUP Wireless Charging LED Mouse Pad + Gaming Mouse Bundle

Accomplishments by Category

💰 Personal Finance – bought ETFs twice (?)
🎓 CPA – Assignment Set #4 MC
jenthinks – 2 posts
📚 Reading – 35% done with Closed Casket by Sophie Hannah

What Would I Do Different Next Week?

As I have mentioned in the beginning, I have come up with a schedule for the transition period between jobs. I have been loosely following it but will have to be more disciplined starting next week.

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