Monday Hour One Weekly Recap – Week #27 – My Office Is Half Done!

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ikea hemnes daybed office

The last day of the long weekend was productive as we substantially finished one side of my office! We picked up more than I planned at IKEA and had to go to the Coquitlam location for the LACK shelves as they only had one left in Richmond (I thought I needed six but ended up putting up only two). Since we were combining two small ones (the long one is too long for my room), we had to make sure they were even. Sadly, it was not as easy as expected (50% of our DIY turned out this way historically). I settled with four extra holes on my wall (covered by my books for now) and a stepped display instead. I finally got around to order the personalized Harry Potter prints from FolkaDotUK on Etsy and they exceeded my expectations and more! I had trouble deciding where to get them printed and was so glad I chose Staples at the end because they prepared my order within an hour. I did not pay the premium for same-day order so that was a nice surprise.

The bar cart I ordered on Amazon (after the order for my first choice was cancelled) also arrived during the week. It was super simple and quick to put together. The gold is paler than I was expecting (as per reviews) but I think it will look nice once I put the gold mirror up above it. Last item I got this week for my office was the Gull table lamp I had delivered to Structube.

On the other hand, Eric also picked up a number of smaller items including a mouse/keyboard/phone pad that lights up (!?) on Amazon Prime Day. Now his office lights up in all kinds of different colors…

For CPA, I had a moment that I was proud of overcoming! The practice case was due on Friday night and the last thing I wanted to do after work was anything but that. However, I knew I could have gotten it done much earlier so there really wasn’t any excuse. I tried to convince myself to skip it by telling myself I will catch up later but my guilt won. I started on it right after work and it turned out to be my best case thus far accordingly to my facilitator. Side note, my CPA facilitator Wendy has been so helpful with her comments. I can’t wait to study with her notes. For PERT, I wrote a separate post on this but the short story is I got another 5 months recognized and 2 technical Level 1s! I didn’t start a new report as I meant to but I did get around gathering the information I needed for CPA to assess my new job.

Madhouse Pizza Tsawwassen
Madhouse Pizza Tsawwassen rocks

Accomplishments by Category

💰 Personal Finance – did not buy ETF at all (lazy) but did our mid-month update
🎓 CPA – Assignment Set #5 MC, PC & IP
jenthinks – 7 posts (!!) and 3 of them were published on the same day… felt right!
📚 Reading – 30% done with The Smart Cookies’ Guide to Couples and Money

What Would I Do Different Next Week?

Eric and I have a short work week next week as we are heading to Victoria. I am bringing The Ride of A Lifetime to read on the trip as I only have two weeks before I have to return it (high demand book). We have a number of restaurants planned and also a hike (!!!!!!!!!!!). The last time Eric and I hiked was probably when we were kids so this will be a big accomplishment for us. I hope the weather is nice as I am beyond excited to get to the train track at the end of the trail.

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