Monday Hour One Weekly Recap – Week #26 – Variance Analysis, Crepe & IKEA

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The Landing, Vancouver
The Landing, Vancouver

I finished my in-office training so I started working from home by the end of the week. Quarter-end was done mid-week and I got to work on variance analysis for the first time for work. I can’t describe how exciting that was for me as it was one of the tasks I have always wanted to try. As I was doing it, I noticed the process was very similar to when I do mid-month update and budget recaps for my money diaries. This is an amazing opportunity and will allow me to write about under Management Accounting for CPA PERT via EVR.

I also moved to our second bedroom aka my office on the weekend as well. I was working in the living room since mid-March when Eric and I both started working from home. The office looks nothing like I wanted it to be yet since only the IKEA HEMNES daybed is meant to be there. The Pilsen Salt Desk from Crate & Barrel I ordered last month is still on backorder until Nov/Dec.

However, I did manage to pick up the smaller items on my list from IKEA this weekend. Sadly, the LACK wall shelf I wanted was out of stock (needed 6 but only found 1) and the rug I chose was WAY TOO BIG for my office. I had no idea where my measurement came from.

Structube Goll Table Lamp
NEW: Structube Goll Table Lamp

Our food highlight of the week has to be the Matcha (green tea), Red Bean & Mochi Crepe from Coffee and Crêpe at Aberdeen Centre. There used to be a stall selling this exact item at the Aberdeen food court but it suddenly closed a year or so ago. This is probably one of Eric’s and my favourite dessert ever so we are so glad it came back.

Matcha Red Bean Crepe

On a personal finance front, I looked at our projected savings for the rest of the year and 2021. Eric has been talking about our next car (our current lease is ending in early 2022) and our plan has been to get our 2nd investment property first. My math tells me we will save up enough just in time but I also don’t know where the market will look like (if condo prices go up, then we will need to save more). Also, if we get to travel again next year, the amount I have budgeted for now will not be enough ($6k) for the trips we would want to take.

2020 McDonalds Monopoly
Love playing Monopoly even though I have never won anything other than a burger

I studied less than I wanted to but it was very productive. The chapter readings for Assignment Set #5 were a repeat from Core 2. That means I have read those chapters twice already (once thoroughly and another time from condensed notes). I was able to actually understand a number of concepts I didn’t get before.

Accomplishments by Category

💰 Personal Finance – reviewed our savings level for 2nd investment property
🎓 CPA – Assignment Set #5 Reading
jenthinks – 3 posts including this one, caught up on pins
📚 Reading – 12% done with The Smart Cookies’ Guide to Couples and Money

What Would I Do Different Next Week?

It’s Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow so I plan on studying in the morning (MC #5 & PC #5) and working on jenthinks after. I have a number of posts I want to work on including a Modsy x CB2 review. I might also start a new PERT report as I submitted one just last week.

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